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*Above Price is per unit of 5kg

Features & benefits:

  • Stainless and easy to clean.
  • Easy to IX and apply.
  • Provide excellent chemical resistant property.
  • Provide Hygiene
  • Hardwaring and impervious property.
  • Non Cracking.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Restricts entry of dirt.


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Description: it is stainless, chemical resistance, hardworking and impervious tile joint filler with a high degree of resistance to abrasion and impact. It is a cementitious polymer modified tile joint filler. It is non-shrink, resistance to crack and available in 33 shades .I-POX joint filler is used for filling joints in between tiles or stone.

Application: Abattoirs, chemical plants food and breweries processing unit, swimming pool, hospital restaurants, kitchen, shopping malls & commercial buildings.


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